Finding Butterflies Consulting Ltd is an independent global consultancy focusing on Impact projects, Corporate Social Responsibility and implementation of new Strategies.

Tessy created Finding Butterflies Consulting Ltd because she saw a need for more in-depth consulting in Impact and Corporate Social Responsibility projects and Initiatives. She provides long-term, impactful solutions in order to generate a progressive and timely change for communities, individuals, institutions and governments. Finding Butterflies Consulting Ltd is guided by the following values:




Finding Butterflies Consulting Ltd leverages its vast network to create safe spaces of dialogue between key players and stakeholders. As director, Tessy works hands-on to consult, educate and empower her clients in order to develop their social impact on world issues.


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Highlighting a few Projects among many

Vodafone Foundation Luxembourg

Vodafone Foundation Luxembourg

Global Partner of Innovation and Development

Finding Butterflies Consulting has a long term relation with the Vodafone Foundation Luxembourg. The aim of this partnership is to raise awareness of social impact projects benefitting the Luxembourg community as a whole.

In 2019, Finding Butterflies joined up with Greenlight4Girls, an organisation focused of inspiring more girls into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and the Vodafone Foundation in Luxembourg. Tessy Antony – de Nassau, Founder and Partner, had the opportunity to work with 155 young girls from across Luxembourg to engage them with STEM.

In 2020, Tessy Antony de Nassau has joined forces again with the Vodafone Foundation Luxembourg to assist them with the “Arch Summit”, a two day conference that welcomes 6000 individuals from all domains under the umbrella of innovation and technology.

Professors without Borders

Professors without Borders


Tessy co-founded PROWIBO in 2015, and focuses on bringing professors and academics to some of the worlds most critical areas such Uganda, Sierra Leone, India and Thailand. By targeting local talent and contributing to their academic and professional development in their immediate environment, PROWIBO seeks to invest in global education. 

As an active leader, she contributes her experience, talent and vision and drives the logistics globally to connect talented professionals to areas of need. 

She has enabled PROWIBO to develop ideas and build practical initiatives to build educational opportunity, develop communities, foster talent and ensure sustainable objectives are achieved.

Montessori Centre International

Montessori Centre International

Global Partner for Education

Finding Butterflies Consulting Ltd spearheads strategic partnerships for Montessori Centre International in Europe and across the Middle East. 

The consultancy uses targeted media relations campaigns that raise awareness for the key benefits of the Montessori pedagogy – and current work now focusses on creating more strategic partnerships and increasing impact. 

With help from the Finding Butterflies Consulting network, they were successful in securing key Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with the Higher Colleges of Technology in Abu Dhabi to establish additional Montessori schools in the region.

Other Clients and Partners

Take a look at some of the organizations that use Finding Butterflies Consulting Ltd to help make a difference.


It was a delight to be able to host Tessy de Nassau as the keynote speaker for our Leadership Summit. Her address matched the event’s themes exactly, and was delivered with a unique warmth and genuineness. The audience was totally engaged in every word, as she drew on her experience of leadership as a soldier, social entrepreneur and businessperson. It was the perfect start to the conference: delegates left enthusiastic ready for the rest of the event. She was particularly inspiring to the young women in the audience. Tessy’s supportive Instagram posts before and after the event gave a significant boost to our social media, resulting in many reposts and additional followers. 

Alistair Goddard

Deputy Head of Sixth Form (Enrichment), Wycombe Abbey

I worked with Tessy Antony-de Nassau at our TedX Luxembourg City Women event. Like most of our speakers she is ‘extremely’ impressive for obvious reasons! However, Tessy is genuinely one of the nicest people I have come across. Her support of incredibly worthwhile causes stems from her deep-rooted concerns. She is incredibly knowledgable of the topics which she supports coming from real, first-hand exposure to the fields. Her passion for her home country is most noticeable while her ardent support of women in business and education is unwavering. Tessy engages her audience with unfiltered spirit and transmits the kind of passion that makes people take action. It is a pleasure getting to know her.

Dirk Denen

Founder TedX Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Tessy is a pioneering educationalist and inspiring business woman. As the Montessori Group’s Global Partner for Education, Tessy has used her skills and experience to raise the profile of Montessori in the UK and overseas and support the organisation’s social impact initiatives.

She has helped increase visibility of our mission at charity events such as the 2019 Chelsea Flower Show and also supported our commercial expansion goals in the Middle East and beyond. Tessy’s passion for making serious impact in the education sector, as well as her tremendous work ethic and commitment, make her a pleasure to work with and an inspirational role model.

Leonor Stjepic

CEO, Montessori St. Nicholas

I have had the pleasure and honour of working with Tessy twice within a 10 month period.  She has supported two of Investing In Women’s events, and was honoured as one of Seven Wonder Women Of The World at the charity fundraiser in London in 2018.

As a speaker, Tessy not only adds great value to events, she demonstrates that she believes in the events’ causes – and the people behind them. However, although Tessy is pulled in many different directions for help and partnerships, she doesn’t lose sight of her own focuses and priorities. That is the trait of a master collaborator, supporter and networker.

On a personal level, Tessy also finds the time to relate and talk to everyone. The only explanation I can give for how she manages this is her inherent calling to help people. It’s pretty miraculous how she engages with everyone.
Anita Kouassigan

Founder & Chief Content Officer, Investing in Women

We were so lucky to have Tessy to moderate our Impact Investing Lunch in London. She had well researched the topics and led the speakers through relevant and pointed Q&A, drawing out pertinent information that was perfect for broadening the audience’s understanding. She rigidly kept to time, which meant we finished on time, but did so in such a charming and endearing manner that the guests and speakers were eating out of her hand. A more professional moderator could not have been had, and we welcome the opportunity of working with her on future projects.

Wendy Marston

Co-Founder, WM Nexus

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